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It was about time I released my own portfolio. This is the beginning of a (hopefully) nice blog.

Alex Iglesias
Alex Iglesias

Last Updated:
Aug 12, 2022

I gotta be honest, working on my own stuff is when I procrastinate the most. Eighteen months have passed since I purchased this domain.

My domain receipt after a compulsive purchase.

And oh boi, it’s been a struggle.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve rebuilt it from scratch. And it literally has only two pages, Home and Writings. If you also have your own portfolio, you’ve probably felt the pain too.

That’s nice, this means we have something in common 💪

Anyways, back to the topic. I’m planning to release whatever content I feel it’s cool enough for others to appreciate it. But I can already tell you it’ll be either Webflow, TypeScript or Svelte related. I’m a big advocate of these three, so it makes sense to focus on them.

In fact, this very own website is built using SvelteKit, which gives me enough freedom to do nice stuff like this:

How cool is that? I’ve always loved learning from interactive content.

At this point I’d tell you to subscribe to my newsletter to get notified whenever I release new writings, but guess what, I haven’t implemented that feature yet. I guess it’ll take me another year or so.

Until then, thanks for reading dear stranger.

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